EN: project steering

In the context of project steering the architect takes over some of the clients delegatable duties. This may cover the following tasks amongst others:

  • Creation and coordination of the overall project plan
  • Creation of the project documentation
  • Monitoring of the quantities, grades, schedules, capacity and logistics
  • Induction of decisions of the contracting authority in time

During the whole project steering phase the client is informed about the project delivery.


Example Projects

  • The Oceanographic Science Center Mindelo is an industrial building/research center project on the Island Sao Vicente (Cape Verde). It is jointly commissioned by the german Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research (GEOMAR) and the National Institute for Fisheries Development(INDP) and thus is one of my intercultural projects.

  • In 2015 I was commissioned by the artist Nela Barbosa to start a new project on the cape verdian island Santiago. My local partner company SPL and me have transformed an existing office building into a gallery. All services were delivered within the first half of the year. The gallery was successfully opened in mid-june with great public interest.

  • Already in 2002 I planned a car dealership in the south of North Rhine Westphalia for my german client Automobile Clever. I accompanied this project until its completion in 2004.

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