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Profile pictureI'm a german architect based in Berlin. When I was 9 years old I already knew that I want to become an architect. Back then me and my father visited a construction site for the first time of my life and I was fascinated by all the possibilities to form buildings using cement and other materials. As a result I participated in many architecture related competitions and finally went to germany to study that topic.
Even today architecture feels still more like a hobby than work. I simply enjoy seeing how my ideas become reality. You will find a lot of photographs and information on this website. Take your time to check out my highlights and feel free to contact me if you are interested in a new project.

Profile picture1959: born in Praia, Cape Verde
1977 - 1983: study of architecture at Bauhaus Universität in Weimar, Germany (parallel study of the german language at Herder Institut Leipzig)
1983 - 1988: first working experiences / work as freelancer in Department of urban planning and construction supervision in Praia, Cape Verde
1988 - 1995: design, construction site and project steering employed at different Architectural offices in Berlin, Germany
Since 1995: self-employed architect based in Berlin, Germany
Since 2004: running a second office in Praia, Cape Verde
Since 2012: partnership with local architect Luis Pires and employment of 2 further employees

Profile pictureIn my work I am combining many years of experience with creative ideas.

Although I am mainly active in Germany, I use my language skills and international contacts to drive the construction of large buildings and tourism projects in the east african region (Cape Verde, Angola and Guinea Bissau). In Germany as in East Africa, I work with many local partners in order to achieve the most valueable outcome for my customers. For me their needs and concerns are always the focus of my work.

Of course, the entire cost calculation and control, project and personnel management as well as other office tasks are carried out with the help of IT. The graphic representations are created entirely with the programs AutoCAD, Revit and Sketchup.


administrative buildings80%
commercial buildings90%
residential buildings95%
industrial buildings80%
daycare centers and schools60%
lectures / seminars55%

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The following services are part of my portfolio:

If you need any service listed, do not hesitate to contact me.


When you work with amazing people, you get amazing results. In this section you can find some projects im personally proud of.

Of course these projects have not been all I have done in the past years. Please click here to see a list of my featured projects or go to the photo gallery for a more comprehensive overview of my work.

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Architekturbüro Pedro Lopes

Zum Langen See 39

D-12557 Berlin

Mobile: +49 (0172) 3914079
Landline: +49 (30) 65880206

Pedro Gregorio Lopes, Filho (PGF) 
Rua C.T.T. - 8

Praia, Santiago
Cabo Verde

Mobile: +238 (99) 47107


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